I'm always making patterns, and LOSING patterns... here's a nice way to keep them all together and to share :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lemons Equal Lemonade!

I attempted to write my own slouch hat pattern.
And it turned out horrible... I must not be to in tune with actual pattern writing just yet BUT...
I turned it into something else!
Turn that hat upside down....
Add a band that I made last year (it was supposed to be a hair band but kept slipping off my head.... argh)... made out of the exact same yarn none the less...
And you have a smaller market bag!
Tah tah dah!
It's def not as big but would be great to use it still at the market...
It may look small but it has a lot of stretch to it!
So... when knitting gives you a lemon...
Yes, it's possible to make lemonade! :)

Upside down hat

Add a strap and a button for fun effects..

And here's how it looks on someone! (That's Kayla with her newly dyed hair I just did too :)


  1. i love that yarn, and i love that hat...er....bag!!!

  2. Too cute! I think it's the perfect thing for a tween to carry around!