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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lemons Equal Lemonade!

I attempted to write my own slouch hat pattern.
And it turned out horrible... I must not be to in tune with actual pattern writing just yet BUT...
I turned it into something else!
Turn that hat upside down....
Add a band that I made last year (it was supposed to be a hair band but kept slipping off my head.... argh)... made out of the exact same yarn none the less...
And you have a smaller market bag!
Tah tah dah!
It's def not as big but would be great to use it still at the market...
It may look small but it has a lot of stretch to it!
So... when knitting gives you a lemon...
Yes, it's possible to make lemonade! :)

Upside down hat

Add a strap and a button for fun effects..

And here's how it looks on someone! (That's Kayla with her newly dyed hair I just did too :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Market Bag Pattern

This pattern is for this Market Bag I knitted.
I have altered another pattern so it's officially mine :)
***Keep in mind, I'm NOT an excellent pattern writer BUT I'm working on it!***
2 cream Peaches n' Cream balls
1 bright pink Peaches n' Cream
1 lime Peaches n' Cream
1 bright blue Peaches n' Cream
1 bright orange Peaches n' Cream
(In the pattern I will use C=cream, P=pink, L=lime, B=blue, O=orange)
Size 10 Single Point Needles
Size 10 16"-24" inch Circular Knitting Needles
(whichever length you're comfortable with, I prefer it to be "bunchy" so i always use a smaller length)
Not important, it's stretchy :)
Bottom of Bag:
On straight needles, CO 30 with double strands of C yarn.
Knit 50 rows.
Putting on Circular needles:
Carefully remove straight needles and slide right side of circular needles into right of the square (going backwards in a sense). Move stitches to left side of knitting needles. Now pick up stitches in circular form from sides and from CO edge. Break it down to equal 96 TOTAL stitches on the circular needles.
Working in the round:
Knit 2 rows with double stranded C.
Bag Pattern:
(work all of this in SINGLE STRAND)
(start with L)
Row 1: *K2tog, YO* repeat all the way around.
Row 2: Knit.
Row 3: *YO, K2tog* repeat all the way around.
Row 4: Knit.
Now change colors. Repeat this pattern for the next 3 colors. My pattern was P, B, O. Total is 16 Rows.
Rows 17: Knit in C.
Rows 18, 19: K2, P2 all the way around in C.
Row 20: Knit in C.
Row 21: *K2tog, YO* all the way around in P.
Row 22: Knit in P.
Row 23: *YO, K2tog* all the way around in O.
Row 24: Knit in O.
Row 25: *K2tog, YO* all the way around in B.
Row 26: Knit in B.
Row 27: *YO, K2tog* all the way around in L.
Row 28: Knit in L.
Row 29: Knit in C.
Rows 30, 31: K2,P2 all the way around in C.
Row 32: Knit in C.
(now start with B)
Row 33: *K2tog, YO* repeat all the way around.
Row 34: Knit.
Row 35: *YO, K2tog* repeat all the way around.
Row 36: Knit.
Now change colors. Repeat this pattern for the next 3 colors. My pattern this time is O, L, P. Total is 16 more Rows.
Change to double stranded C again.
Rows 49-52: Knit.
Row 53: Knit 24, BO 24, Knit 24, BO 24.
***This part gave me some trouble here so what I did when binding off was to BO 24, and then looped through the last stitch and added it to the NEXT 24 stitches. THIS left me with a total of 25 knitted, 24 bound off, 25 knitted, 24 bound off.***
Row 54: K1, K2tog 12 times, Cast on 42, K1, K2tog 12 times, cast on 42. (Total stiches is 110.)
Rows 55-58: Knit.
Row 59: Bind off.
Cut and weave in all loose ends.
*** On the handles, if they seem more square and not smooth, I took a piece of Cream colored yarn and sewed up the corners to make them smooth.***
Hope it works for people! Send me pics if you use this pattern please! I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing other's knitting works! :)
Market bag with some stuff in it... I could have put more in it but this is just a few of the things I found laying around to put in it at the time I was taking these pics :)

Good luck!